The magical yet inexpensive ice tea of Caf Up (and how to nom great food in Ateneo without spending big bucks)

To anyone who has spent time in Ateneo, it’s a known fact that most expenses there come with a hefty price. One of those expenses is man’s next best friend after dogs is food (yeah, the one that keeps a person going with energy, nutrients and also comfort during hell periods that ranges from days, weeks… or even months on end). A whole lunch meal in Ateneo would generally cost around a hundred bucks (and the ones on JSEC would cost around 130-150 somethingish because of the deposit of the utensils, plates and glasses) and an average Atenean would shell out at the least 200 if he would eat 2 times a day in school. But what if one wants to have a good nom boost but he doesn’t have enough money (maybe he lost his wallet, spent something huge recently) or that he just doesn’t want to spend much?

Good thing, there are a bunch of really good but low-priced stuff out there in school. One has to keep looking in order to find how they could spend on their food as reasonable as they could while at the same time keep a tummy happy with good nom. 

Some of the best deals when it comes to food in Ateneo: 

– the gulaman from Master Siomai (Caf Up)= php 15

– A full set meal in Loyola School of Theology Cafeteria(LST)= php 50

– A waffle from Waffle Time (Gonzaga Caf)= php 18 

– Food/drinks from any of the vending machines around campus= the maximum is around php 35, usually ranges from php 10-25

– Lucky Me Pancit Canton from 7 Eleven (Caf Up)= php 16

– Ice Tea from Blue and Gold (Caf Up)= php 25 

(This ice tea is served filled to the brim in a standard sized Caf Up cup- unlike other drinks found in Caf Up- at times served with a slice of lemon. This ice tea however is not your ordinary, powdered juice with some sugar blend. The taste is strangely reminiscent of ice tea from Pancake House)

– the afternoonly siomai in SEC B. Siomai there costs php 5 a piece, plus they also sell desserts like homemade donuts, kutsinta, and also drinks like gulaman (for php 6) and coke sakto for php 10. SEC B food is recently the best comfort food around school. :3

and if all else fails… (have no money at all)

– Water from the water fountains or water machine from Gonzaga Caf= php 0 


Here is a picture of epic ice tea and pancit canton from Caf Up. Enjoy and drool in their glory…Image