The sunday night back

Before i move on to the next stage of my life, which is life after college, i must write about a thing or two about how my usual days went as a reserved yet itinerant college student…

Going back to Metro Manila from Laguna is a two-hour car ride that i have gotten used to since childhood. Since i was a kid i have always went to Manila from San Pablo on a weekly basis- picking up and dropping off my two elder sisters in their dorms when they were the ones who were in college, going to malls whenever we want during those days of emotional prosperity for our family, and also when my late mom needs to undergo chemo and checkups years ago). After four years of college here in Ateneo de Manila, i still don’t get it why my Manila-based friends were shocked with me being so used to going to Laguna on a weekly basis. As if for them Laguna is as far as Baguio or something similar. From my hometown, San Pablo City, Laguna to Metro Manila, it’s just a straight 2 hour drive going through the National Highway leading to Manila. After a side trip to a favorite family mall in Makati to buy anything we need or want for the week (or a moment to unwind from the tensions of the weekend), my dad, yaya and ahma would then take me to my dorm in Katipunan, Myplace Resident Hall. A good bye peck and last minute reminders, the dorm main door closes, finally separating me from the Dursleys for another week. Sometimes i am tense with how i acted throughout the weekend would affect dad’s perception on me, for i am not sure how much unintended deviations i do will give dad a bullet to strike me or make wrong ideas about me (Once he gets an idea about you, right or wrong it might be, it will stay that way. He just believes in whatever his mind tells him, it will bring more harm when you attempt to explain because he will never believe in you especially if what you say contradict what he wants to believe. Either he doesn’t know or refuse to believe that things are not always what they seem.), but in any case, i feel more light and glad that i am separated from them for another 5 days. It was as if a thorn in my heart was taken away, albeit temporarily.

Soon i open the door of my dorm room with my Myplace card taken from a convenient part of my handbag. There i meet my roomates, Rox, Ica and Micah, who were usually by the time i arrive at my dorm, were using the internet, studying or preparing to sleep. I unload my bags and items brought from home and from the mall. After replenishing my After-College Grocery Supplies (named “Armaggedon Use Only” after my rather quirky, 11 year old niece’s way of naming things. I decided to stock up on grocery stuff like canned food, toiletries, laundry soap, cooking oil coming from the weekly family grocery shopping so i could save on grocery when i start my post-college life), i often open use the internet to catch up on the news i missed throughout the weekend without internet. When i have requirements for school to do that i usually can’t do in Laguna, then i’ll do those. If i don’t have much to do after catching up online(or when im not interested to go online), i just clean my area of the room. Currently, i am undergoing a very enlightening daily Ignatian retreat program in school named “Retreat in Daily Life”. Not only i have befriended a very friendly, intelligent, fellow history buff Jesuit brother as my Spiritual Director, i also had an opportunity to deepen my understanding about God and how He affects me and those people in my life. Before preparing myself to go to bed, i meditate on the Sacred Scriptures recommended for me to study about. After an UBE(Ultimate Bonding Experience) with God, i prepared to go to bed- i change into my clothes, prepare my clothes and bag for tomorrow, climb up to my bed and text my Liebe good night. If i don’t feel sleepy, i play some games on my phone. Anything i do around the dorm, be it catching up online, cleaning, studying, praying, or playing, they are very much effective in regaining a significant amount of energy to begin another week in school.